Fun & Learning

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
-Albert Einstein

Discover fun, community-building ways we can celebrate and learn as we all strive to live the life of our dreams. Enjoy!


Build your Dream Board, your life’s treasure map
Set “Go Big Goals” with PomPom / Dream-catchers
Make a “You-Can” Drum & Play “A-Bun-Dance” Game
Create your Catch-M
Write a Boom-Shake Song
Codes, Notes & Riddles
Go Geo-caching, Find the world’s treasure chests

Try the-SHH-Secret
Parties to Celebrate each Animal Hero & You

Downloadable Fun

Dream Book
Surprise Smiles
Claim Your Wings
Baboon’s Moods
Baby Baboon’s Rainbow Moods
Baby Baboon’s Dream

Termite Maze
Flamingo’s Gift
“You Can” Cans



Big “We” Celebrations

or combine them for CAMP CATCH-M Day or a Big Birthday Party

(You can also include some fun from the Animal Parties above)

World Smile Day

(the First Friday in October)

Holi Festival of Colors

(Pick your favorite Spring day)

Whoosh! Wham!

You Can

cute newt