“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
-Albert Einstein

Discover fun, community-building activities WE CAN do to celebrate our best life too-gather! Click on a Photo Link or Download below. Each day, week, or month pick a new activity & ENJOY!

Creative Activities for big fun:

Create your own CATCH-M, your smile, & Go on different CATCH-M ADVENTURES to make others SMILE big too
Build your DREAM BOARD – Your LIFE’S TREASURE MAP & get in The Arena to Celebrate Your Best Life too
Design A CROWN – Honor Your Life, Listen & Become A True Leader, even Play “The No Bad BUTs Game”
Make A “YOU-CAN DRUM”, Celebrate You & Gratitude by playing “The A-BUN-DANCE Game” esp. when life gets hard
Make Rhino Horn Party Hats to make a point to be KIND & A-POINT-ED LOVE CANS to fill w/ your kind acts together
Celebrate the 3 G’s – Gratitude, Gifts, & Goals. Go for extraordinary with POMPOMS/ DREAM-CATCHERS
Be the HERO of your story! Build Live Big Clubs! Design Capes w/ your Coat of Arms & go on a quest to LOVE BIG too-gather!

Play “Dung Beetle’s DoDo Game” when you DO not know what to DO! Write a BOOM-SHAKE SONG! Dance! Sing too!
Create TERMITE TRICKS, Riddles, or Send Notes to Inspire & Encourage! Let’s start & be part of A R-EVOL-UTION!
Go GEO-CACHING! Find the World’s Treasure Chests to remember we have a chest full of treasure too, hearts of stars!

Celebrate the STARS above, around, & within you & tryThe African Animal’s 3 -SHHH- SECRETS to live your best life
Fun Party Ideas to Celebrate each ANIMAL HERO & YOU

Downloadable Fun to Live Big Together: 

Envision Your Dream Alongside Caterpillar
Think on Your Dream With Baby Baboon
Claim Your Wings – Live Your Best Life too
Know Your Moods-Be True To You
Ride The Rainbow & Celebrate Your Moods
Set GO BiG GOALS & Endulge in the 3 G’s

Wear Your Crown & Know You Are Royalty
Celebrate The Power Of WE In Your Life
Stars Are Above, Around, & Within You
Enjoy A Starry Night With Flashlight Fun
Experience The Thrill of Shared Smiles

Find A Way Through Tough Times
“You can” Cans of Encouragement
DREAM BIG Bookmarks
LOVE BIG Bookmarks
Go Big BinGO

Big “We” Celebrations to Build Community:

or combine them for a CAMP CATCH-M Day or a Big Birthday 

(You can also include some fun from the Animal Parties above)

World Smile Day &

Catch catch-m too

The First Friday in October!

Holi Festival of Colors &

Celebrate Your Best Life

Pick a favorite day, Valentines or World Think Day – Feb 22nd.

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“Celebrate the power of WE! Continue igniting the divine light, the stardust hidden in all of our chests! Catch CATCH-M together and celebrate the great things we can do!”
Kat Kronenberg
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