Fun & Learn

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
-Albert Einstein

Discover fun, community-building activities to celebrate love & learn how to live the life of our dreams together by clicking on the photos below. ENJOY!

Activities for big fun

Create your own CATCH-M & Go On CATCH-M ADVENTURES together
Build your DREAM BOARD – Your LIFE’S TREASURE MAP & get in The Arena
Design A CROWN – Honor Your Life & Celebrate That You’re Born Special
Design A CAPE – Become the HERO of Your Own Story & Go Encourage Others
Make A “YOU-CAN” DRUM & Celebrate with “A-BUN-DANCE” Game
Write a BOOM-SHAKE SONG & Play Dung Beetle’s DoDo Game

Make a KINDNESS PACT with Your Rhino Horn Party Hat & Go Be KIND
TERMITE TRICKS, Riddles, & Notes That Inspire & Encourage
Go GEO-CACHING & Find the World’s Treasure Chests too

Celebrate the STARS above you, around you, & within you by using the animals SHHH-SECRETS
Parties to Celebrate each ANIMAL HERO & YOU

Downloadable Fun for big living

Envision Your Own Dream in a Book
Consider Your Dream With Baby Baboon
Claim Your Wings – Live Your Best Life
Understand & Name Your Moods
Ride The Rainbow Enjoy Your Moods
Set GO BiG GOALS & Endulge in the 3 G’s

Wear Your Crown & Know You Are Royalty
Celebrate The Power Of WE In Your Life
Enjoy the Stars Above Around & Within You
Play Starry Night Flashlight Fun
Experience The Thrill of Shared Smiles

Find A Way Through Tough Times
“You can” Cans of Encouragement
DREAM BIG Bookmarks
LOVE BIG Bookmarks

Videos from dream big

Curriculum from dream big

Big “We” Celebrations

or combine them for CAMP CATCH-M Day or a Big Birthday Party

(You can also include some fun from the Animal Parties above)

World Smile Day

(the First Friday in October)

Holi Festival of Colors

(Pick your favorite Spring day)

Whoosh! Wham!

You Can

cute newt