Create Your Catch-M

“To often we underestimate the power of a smile which has the potential to turn a life around.”
Leo Buscaglia

CATCH-M is your Magical, Mystical, Magnificent Smile! First, experience one! Feel it come all the way up from your belly, through your chest, & shine from your face who you are. 

Catch M Haitian Girl
Catch M Haitian Children

Haitian Children, who lost homes & family in The 2010 Earthquake, are having fun with the CATCH-M creations as they are each consider the importance of believing in themselves and their dreams.

“The—SHHH—Secret to living the life of your dreams is found in the power of your smile.”
Baby Baboon

Second, draw your CATCH-M, your BIG, BELLY, MAGICAL SMILE!

Knowing the stars above you, around you, & within are continually reflecting your smile back to you to remind you to BELIEVE in yourself, in others, & all that is!

Reese and Ryder Neff are having some “THUMBS-UP” fun with their CATCH-M creations.
Reese and Ryder Neff are having some “THUMBS-UP” fun with their CATCH-M creations.
Having a blast in KP’S Art Class creating CATCH-M smiles that are so big that they literally hit our ears
Having a blast in KP’S Art Class creating CATCH-M smiles that are so big that they literally hit our ears & light our hearts.

To draw your “Big Belly Smile”

Grab a mirror. Study and have fun with your smile! Now, pick any medium you’d like— Socks, shirts, hats, shoes, paper, plates, paint, pens, sidewalk chalk, sticks & dirt, or whatever you think—and draw your “big belly smile”!   


 So take your smile on a CATCH-M ADVENTURE – On a school field trip, out to dinner, to school, a family vacation, or wherever you choose! Remind others on your journey to celebrate their smiles too, take pictures with your CATCH-M’s, & journal as you do!

Dream Big smiles

A dear friend surprised me at her school visit with a matching CATCH-M shirt.

At my book release party, sweet friends brought their CATCH-Ms.
At my book release party, sweet friends brought their CATCH-Ms.
  • On your CATCH-M ADVENTURE build a LIVE BIG community:
    Build your community by sharing smiles & finding as many ways in a day to catch CATCH-M together, knowing you are building FORTUNE-FILLED TREASURE CHESTS FOR ALL – HEARTS OF STARS LIT UP!
  • Send your CATCH-M on his own ADVENTURE: Mail him to friends, relatives, or places around the world. Have them take photos of your CATCH-M experiencing new things. Put up a map & place pens where ever your CATCH-M has been — It is a great way to celebrate our way around this amazing planet!
  • On your CATCH-M ADVENTURE: Notice every where you go, any place you see someone’s CATCH-M & be encouraged! Know you are not alone. You have help from above, from within, & from other heroes who are out there fighting for their dreams too!                                  
  • Have fun naming the different smiles you see on your journey: My children have seven different kind—1. laugh-out-loud smiles 2. polite smiles 3. we have fun plan smiles 4. talking about their friends smiles 5. laughing at themselves smiles 6. uncomfortable smiles 7. dreams do come true smiles
  • Experience & see that your smile is the invite the stars above, around, & within you need to WHOOSH into your life & light the gift of stars in your heart giving you the extra courage you need to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE TOO!


Catch M Smiles in Africa
Catch Ms in African classroom

On my trip with “ME TO WE” in the wilds of East Africa, I got to have A CATCH-M ADVENTURE with these awesome students. I am giving the proceeds from my book to support these kids & their dreams.

Make A CATCH-M MURAL with your family, classroom, neighbors, or friends & enjoy A LIVE BIG COMMUNITY!

My family with our CATCH-M’s on plates for LOVE BIG’s release in 2019. Note the CATCH-M MURAL in the background. They are all our CATCH-M’s we made for DREAM BIG’s release in 2017. How fun to see how different everyone’s smile can be!

You can make a classroom CATCH-M MURAL too! During quarantine, you can do a Mailed Mural where the class goes down the list alphabetically. The teacher mails the 1st note of encouragement with her CATCH-M. The 1st person who receives it, mails their CATCH-M with an encouraging note to the next person. The last one on the list brings everyone’s CATCH-M’s to school to make a Mural. If there is no more school, the last person mails it to the teacher, and she makes the mural for an end of year surprise to bring everyone together!

Remember, when we SMILE & BELIEVE together, we “WHOOSH!”  “WHAM!” light the gift of stars in each of our hearts! The animals call this powerful secret: “CATCHING CATCH-M”   “LIGHTING THE DIVINE SPARK IN OUR HEART” “FINDING THE TREASURE IN OUR CHEST” – “BEING STAR-MAKERS BY BRINGING TWO HYDROGEN ATOMS TOGETHER TO SHINE”

Please share photos of your CATCH-M CREATIONS & your CATCH-M ADVENTURES!

We’d love to see, build community, and celebrate the quest for our dreams together.

Share them on social media with a #GOBIG #LIVE BIG #CATCHM

or send them to us directly. Tell us your name, where your from, and if it is okay for us to share them with our community.

A Little Spark Can Set a Blaze!

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