World Smile Day

“Improving this world, one smile at a time.”
The Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation slogan

Join us in celebrating WORLD SMILE DAY with The Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation on the first Friday in October as we all come together for some fun and catching CATCH-M!

World Smile Day Superheroes
World Smile Day Kids Fun

We are all the HEROES of our story! On World Smile Day let’s celebrate our dreams together, and the fun of

WHOOSH! WHAM!—catching of CATCH-M & lighting our hearts of stars.

(Notice the kids great idea to do their CATCH-M creations on the palm their hands to have some fun with the WHOOSH! of the stardust coming in to WHAM! light the stars in their hearts.)

Share the brilliance of Baby Baboon & Frog’s Riddle:

A _ _ _ _ _ is contagious.
A _ _ _ _ _ can increase your face value.
A _ _ _ _ _ can change your mood, the energy in a room, and
the events in a day, making better all along the way.
A _ _ _ _ _ can go anywhere. Speak any language. Tug on any heart.
A _ _ _ _ _ invites the divine light of CATCH-M into your life.
Now fill in the blank. A _ _ _ _ _ Never forget it’s POWER!

And remember, no one needs to be given one of these than has none left to give.

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”
William Arthur Ward

We came up with our own Special Way to Celebrate World Smile Day… with EGGS!

We chose eggs to celebrate because of their “Golden Treasure” hidden within. We also have treasure hidden in our chest, a priceless, timeless treasure called star dust.

World Smile Day Family Fun
Backyard Father – Son fun playing CATCH-M Roulette! A blast and guess who won? Now CATCH-M catches are next!
World Smile Day with Catch-M Relays
Kids with their awesome teacher getting fired up to play CATCH-M Relays in their chosen patriotic theme!

The CATCH-M Challenge

To play there are 4 ways you must use your eggs. But before you start, you must draw a smile on every egg you use. Then let the challenge begin:

  1. CATCH-M CARRIES – Decorate a special egg with your CATCH-M creation on it, and take him with you where ever you go through out the day with out letting him break! (Have fun, but be sure to take good care of him like you would your favorite pet. Take a pillow/ kleenex with you in case he gets tired or cold, etc 🙂

    Parents with young kids know hard boiled eggs are good to use and to call the game CATCH-M Cuddles to emphasize the importance of keeping smiles close to you throughout the day.

  2. CATCH-M RELAYS – Get a couple, friends, neighbors, classmates, office mates and have a blast playing CATCH-M Relays. Put on a trash bag if you are in nice clothes. Then play A. The Egg and Spoon Relay:Where you carry your egg on the spoon for the relay. B. The Egg Under Your Chin Relay:Where you carry the Egg under you chin and pass to the next guy under his chin with no hands. C. The Egg On The Head Relay: Where you race with the Egg on your head and switch to the next guy any way you can.
  3. CATCH-M ROULETTE – Get good comrades to dare this game with you! Start with 12 eggs – 6 boiled and 6 regular mixed into the egg carton. One by one, each player selects a smiling egg. The player smashes the egg they chose over their own head. The winner is the last man smiling – The player with the most boiled eggs chosen.
  4. CATCH-M CATCHES – You can have fun with the CATCH-M CATCHES. Play alone and see how high you can toss the egg up into the sky and catch it without breaking it. You can play as a group with a judge to see whose egg toss goes the highest.
    You can also play with partners. You start close, facing each other. Then toss the egg back and forth without it breaking. With each success, you both take two steps back and keep going until one player ends with the egg mess!
“I have witnessed the softening of the hardest of hearts by a simple smile.”
Goldie Hawn
Here Are Some Other Ideas that Two-Leggers Around the World Have Used to Celebrate World Smile Day over the years:
  • Acts of kindness with Surprise Smiles, Love Big Grams, or You Can Notes
  • World’s largest human smiling face with an overhead photo of a crowd in yellow shirts
  • Balloon releases bearing smiles or World Smile Day messages
  • Create your own CATCH-M’s
  • Where’s CATCH-M Contests
  • Sidewalk chalk activities
  • Choral performances
  • Hot Air balloons
  • Pie eating contest
  • Smile treats for those in need, smile events in hospitals, making videos, or any other creative ways you can think of to make someone smile
HAVE FUN and whatever you decide to do to make the day special, at some point pull out your “YOU CAN DRUM” and play “The A-BUN-DANCE Game” as you shout:


Please share photos or videos of your ideas and fun from World Smile Day!

We’d love to see, build community, and celebrate the quest for our dreams together.

Share them on social media with a #GOBIG#LIVEBIG#CATCHM

or send them to us directly. Tell us your name, where your from, and if it is okay for us to share them with our community.

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

Phyllis Diller

The tadpole from DREAM BIG by children's book author Kat Kronenberg