Go Geocaching

“There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy’s life that he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure.”
Mark Twain

Find the World’s Hidden Treasure Chests

Mother-Child Fun - Geocaching
Creative Exploration with Geocaching

Ella McMurry loves GeoCaching. She has a cache by her house that she has looked for and traded treasures with for years – priceless memories.

After reading Dream Big, you hopefully realized the importance of finding the powerful, priceless treasure hidden in your own chest.

We also found another great way for you to have fun and practice your treasure hunting skills by finding The World’s Hidden Treasure Chests – GEOCACHING!

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor high tech game where participants use A Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device to play hide-and-go seek with containers called “CACHES” anywhere in the world.

The typical cache is a waterproof container containing a logbook (with a pen or pencil). When the geocacher finds it, they enter the date and sign their established code name. The larger caches usually contain items for trading, like toys, trinkets, or geocaching swag – GeoCoins, Pins, Travel Bugs, etc.

Caches can vary in size, difficulty, and location. They have also evolved into other areas like virtual caches, earth caches, scavenger hunt caches, webcam caches, night caches, and the list is seemingly endless.

Our favorite websites to learn more:

We also put together a fun, memory making treasure hunt with CATCH-M TRACKABLES and a contest where you can win $1000 on World Smile Day!

The contest has ended, but the CATCH-M TRACKABLES continue to travel the world & have gone over 6,312,295 miles as of September 2018. 

Creative Exploring with Geocaching
Family Fun - Geocaching
My kids watched You Tube Videos on geocaching and finally found and hid their very first caches. They had a blast and immediately wanted to know when they could go again.

Why Geocaching?

Our family and friends started Geocaching after I wrote Dream Big. We have had so much fun. It’s great for every age, and the thrill of finding the cache never gets old. We also like to leave some sort of CATCH-M TREASURE behind, some something with a smiling face on it. We are also starting to hide our own CATCH-M Caches.

PLEASE HELP US TO SPREAD THE SMILES: Leave your own CATCH-M TREASURES, find our CATCH-M Caches, or create your own CATCH-M Cache too.


“Everyone on earth has a treasure that awaits him.”
Paulo Coelho

Geocaching has also been a dynamic way for schools, camps, and neighborhoods to create connection, as well as, provide fun and engaging ways to educate. Come up with your own ideas and please share them with us.

Know, just like a cache, no dream is ever to big or small to pursue. And the thrill of finding the treasure in your chest when you do, SMILE big, and BELIEVE is beyond amazing! As a wise sage once said, “The hidden treasure in our chest can be endless!”


We’d love to see, build community, and celebrate the quest for our dreams together.

Share them on social media with a #GOBIG#LIVEBIG#CATCHM

or send them to us directly. Tell us your name, where your from, and if it is okay for us to share them with our community.

“Geocaching augments reality in a different way. It adds a layer of the magical to the mundane.”

Ethan Zuckerman

The tadpole from DREAM BIG by children's book author Kat Kronenberg