THE ABUNDANCE CHALLENGE-Find ways to DO GOOD, have GRATITUDE, & FUN Together in Quarantine!

YES! Take The ABUNDANCE CHALLENGE! Come up with ways to DO good, have gratitude, & fun as we DO!

Post your ideas and/or fun on social media and hash #AbundanceChallenge. Then tag 3 friends to accept THE ABUNDANCE CHALLENGE too. 

Since none of us know what to do or how to feel right now, I came across this quote by Tony Robbins, “When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears.”

For my third book, I just did a ton of research on The Honey Bee who literally shake their booties with a-bun-dance, to celebrate life, create connection, & communicate so they can all work hard together to build their home filled with a “sweet” treat called honey. (Science: Bees use their bun-dance as a way to tell their hive where to find flowers to collect nectar to fill their home with honey.)

These Honey Bees are vital to our World’s survival. I think it is because they celebrate A-BUN-DANCE together every day! Let’s do the same and fill our home with “sweet” memories, not fear or misery! So have some fun, make drums, dress up, stand up, wave a flag, shake your booty with a-bun-dance as you shout alone, together, or with a pet, “Our lives our full of A-BUN-DANCE!” 

Also, note The Dung Beetle, who shows us when we don’t know what to do – “DO GOOD”! (Science: Dung Beetles are born in poop. Instead of complaining, they do good, helping those around them. As a result, they are so happy they celebrate by turning their poop into balls, which helps their community even more by fertilizing the grass for all to eat. They call them Heroes of the savannah!)

Play DUNG BEETLE’S DO-DO GAME – For more ideas with our “what do we do with a do-do delimma”, during quarentine!

Also, play “THE A-BUN-DANCE GAME” – To play, we can make these three things:

1. Create “POMPOM/DREAMCATCHERS” – To keep your moods in check, make pompoms. Baby Baboon, in my Live Big Trilogy, uses them when she feels angry or blue. She even puts on a tutu, headband, anything grand, to remember to celebrate her attitude of gratitude. (At night, she puts her Pompom over her bed like a Dream-catcher, so her good dreams come through, and her bad dreams get stuck on the fluff – which can be good for young children whose sleep may be disrupted by worry during this time).


2. Make “YOU CAN DRUMS”  – We are all born extraordinary, with gifts only we can give to our World. Big Baboon, in my Live Big Trilogy, makes a drum to celebrate “I can be my best me,” and shout “I AM” statements. “I AM great! I AM thoughtful!” Then he remembers he can go DO GOOD too! (Science: Baboons can be bossy, moody, and mean. They can also be very happy, helpful, and playful—they choose daily.)


3. Write “BOOM SHAKE CELEBRATION SONGS” – To enjoy singing throughout the day & share!

Now bring these three things together to play “THE A-BUN-DANCE GAME” – Get as silly as possible! Pound your drum! Shake your Pompom! Sing your songs! Shake your booty-bun-dance, and shout, “Our lives are full of A-BUN-DANCE!” We can’t help but laugh and remember abundance is a choice and a gift. 

As is right with any gift, the best part can be giving it away! Mark Twain said, “If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.”

Now that you accepted THE ABUNDANCE CHALLENGE, embraced your silly side, relieved some stress, and posted ways to DO GOOD. Let’s do more home community-building fun to give love and abundance away:

1.Make “RHINO HORN PARTY HATS” – Let’s have a virtual party and celebrate that being kind is cool, like Rhinoceros. He grows a horn to remember to make a point to be kind every day. (Science: Rhinoceroses are born without horns. They tend to be rude and whiny with a top-lip-power-pout called a prehensile lip. As they mature, they grow horns, which are believed to have special properties.) 

As communities, we can even decorate “A-POINT-ED LOVE CANS,” like a jar, a bucket, or a can to make a Kindness Pact together. Every day, come together to fill your LOVE CAN with your community’s best act of kindness/ DO GOOD & everyone’s best individual action as well. We can even start a R-EVOL-UTION :)!


2. Create “SUPER HERO CAPES & BUILD LIVE BIG CLUBS” – For big fun, decorate capes with your communities “Coat of Arms” and go on heroic quests to fulfill your Kindness Pact together while social distancing, like side walk chalk notes for the neighborhood, send thank you notes to your hospital workers, leave a positive review for a local business. The list is endless.

3.Take “CATCH-M ADVENTURES” Together – Hopefully, with all this abundant fun, you have begun to experience the power of your smile – or what we call “CATCH-M” in my Live Big Trilogy. Take time to draw your smile, your CATCH-M, even send him on a CATCH-M Adventure to make others smile big too. 

During quarantine, if we can’t take CATCH-M out, we can mail it with an encouraging note. Make a map to place a pin where ever you send each one. You can also have those who receive your CATCH-M add their own, then mail them to the next person. Who knows all the smiles we can generate. Plus, the fun and friends your CATCH-M will meet. 

4. Finally, Go GEOCACHING TO ENJOY THE WORLD’S TREASURE CHESTS – In my Live Big Trilogy, CATCH-M shows us we all have treasure chests. We all have hearts of stars, a priceless, timeless treasure hidden in our chest just waiting to be lit.

We can celebrate the importance of our treasure chests together by planning ways to find or hide Treasure Chests throughout the World. For those who don’t know what Geocaching is, go to my website.


(YES! Geocaching friends. Great news! I FOUND 4 TRACKABLES quarantine cleaning. I will mail them to the winners on May 12th when my 3rd book THINK BIG launches. Anyone who takes the ABUNDANCE CHALLENGE on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with #AbundanceChallenge #Geocacher will have their name put in our A-POINT-ED LOVE CAN to be drawn May 12th at 10:00 a.m. Texas time. We will message you on your social media platform by 10:30 to get your address to mail your new Trackable & a 1st signed copy of THINK BIG.)

Also, check out my 1st Facebook Live Story time on Wednesday, April 1 @ 12:00 CST, and let’s have fun celebrating books to-gather!

Finally, through this crazy time, keep celebrating ABUNDANCE and DO GOOD! What a great way to LIVE BIG to-gather!