Make a Point to Live your Best Life

“Kindness is the opportunity we have every day to change the world.”

First, make a Point to be Kind Everyday!

kindness pact 2
kindness pact 6

Make a pact—like Rhino—to remember everyday to be KIND & celebrate the fact that KIND IS COOL!

Rhino grew a horn to remind himself everyday to make a point to be KIND! He realized being rude & whiny was not cool! So create your own RHINO HORN PARTY HAT & make a point to be kind everyday too:


  • Paper, poster board, cardboard, even a cereal box                              
  • Construction paper, foil, gift wrap, stickers, paint, crayons, pens 
  • Scissors, staples, glue, or tape

To Make Your Rhino Horn Party Hat

  1. Decorate your chosen material, even add your CATCH-M.
  2. Roll the paper into a RHINO HORN-SHAPED POINT like a cone. Either tape or staple together.
  3. Wear your Rhino Horn like a Party Hat. Celebrate & make your own KINDNESS PACTTO FIND WAYS EVERY DAY to be KIND & each day place your favorite act of kindness into the AP-POINT-ED CONTAINER below: 

(For more ideas on how to make your own Party Hat:

Live your Best Life Too-Gather

“A spark of kindness can bring a colossal burst of sunshine into everyone’s day.”
– Jaxon Reed Kronenberg
AP-POINTED CONTAINERS one classroom choose to use to remember to be kind
AP-POINTED CONTAINERS one classroom choose to use to remember to be kind & live their best life together.
Madeline Orr
Madeline Orr & The 2018 Texas 4000 students rode from Austin to Alaska to engage communities in the fight against cancer, an incredible way to stand tall together.

Second, have a Party & create an A-POINT-ED LOVE CAN for community building fun!

Design an A-POINTED LOVE CAN to make The KINDNESS PACT with your class or family:

  • Roll a poster board into a HORN-SHAPED POINT or use any AP-POINTED LOVE CAN (A can, jar, vase, bucket, etc.) 
  • At the party, create & decorate the ap-POINT-ed LOVE CAN. 

  • During the party have everyone circle up & make a commitment to the PACT by remembering Rhino’s horn. They are made of the same stuff as our hair, so have everyone place a piece of their hair in the container. If that is to weird- no problem- have them draw a haired CATCH-M on a marble, rock, bead, or paper to place in the base of the AP-POINTED LOVE CAN to pledge their commitment to their group’s KINDNESS PACTTO MAKE A POINT TO BE KIND TO EACH OTHER & FIND WAYS EVERY DAY AS A GROUP TO BE KIND! 
  • Everyday make sure everyone in the group fills the container with their favorite act of kindness for that day!
  • Finally, display THE AP-POINTED LOVE CAN for all to see & remember A CLUB OF KIND KIDS IS COOL.                                                 

    Share photos of your Rhino Hats!

We’d love to see, to continue to build community, & celebrate our dream quests together.

Share them on social media with a #LIVEBIG #CATCHM

or send them to us directly. Tell us your name, where your from, and if it is okay for us to share them with our community.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

–Mother Teresa

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