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“We all have hearts of stars! Stardust hidden in our chest. The animals in my mom’s books call lighting this priceless, timeless treasure catching CATCH-M! So let’s all catch CATCH-M too and celebrate the great things we can do!”
Jaxon Reed Kronenberg


Muhammad Yunus

A book everyone should read and a message I believe,”Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner, said after they traded books.

Cindy Cooksey

An awesome day! The students are still talking about how much they enjoyed your school visit and loved your book,” said Cindy Cooksey, Librarian of Perez Elementary.

Nancy Maresh

We recently had Kat speak to our Ladies Group and found her to be a delight. Kat’s enthusiasm and ability to engage the ladies made the event not only uplifting but also fun. I would highly recommend Kat as a speaker! Many a grandmother was in line to purchase a book for their grandchildren who will no doubt love the story.” Nancy Maresh Greater Plano Women’s Group

A Precious Child

A 12 year-old foster child at Helping Hands Home in Austin teared up after Kat’s reading. Then enthusiastically said, “You mean I really can be a scientist!”

Mary Curat

I had high expectations for Kat’s Author Visit after viewing her website,” said Mary Curat, Principal of Wildwood Elementary Chicago. “She far exceeded them!

School Library Journal

School Library Journal writes, “Kronenberg has a laudable mission in wanting people to discover their bliss.”

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