Design a Crown

“Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have immortal longings in me.”
William Shakespeare

First, know You Are Born Extraordinary — The Only You Who Will Ever Be — Tap Into Your Possibility — Be The HERO of Your Story — Celebrate Your Best Life

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Second, create your CROWN with complete PRIDE like Lion who was crowned King of the Beast or Termite who was crowned Queen of her Castle! 

Celebrate your gifts, talents, & dreams. Tap into your possibility! Know you are born extraordinary! You are made of a priceless, timeless treasure, a gift called star dust! It is from beginning of time, reminding you that you are ROYALTY – A KING – A QUEEN! Learn to LISTEN to the divine privilege of who you are & those around you. Become a LEADER, the Hero of your stories together!

Materials Needed:
  • Paper, poster board, cardboard, or even a cereal box
  • Construction paper, foil, gift wrap, stickers, paint, crayons, pens
  • Scissors, staples, glue, tape or you can make a crown using “The Crown Download

 For more ideas on how to make your own crown:

Listen & Lead with Pride & Honor

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
John Quincy Adams
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Third, create collaboration, connection, & communication with your community by crowning a different person in your family, class, or neighborhood every day, week, or month!


  • LEAD the group.
  • Enjoy SHOW & TELL – A time for the crowned honoree to pick their favorite book, toy, sport, musical instrument, story, hero, artwork, etc. that represents their passion. This time offers the group a great way to honor one another through listening & sharing in each other’s gifts, interests, & dreams while building a WE community. Lion says, “Listen twice as much as we speak. It’s why we have two ears and one mouth.” 
  • Celebrate with a GIVE-AWAY, a timeless African Animal tradition. The crowned honoree creates a ritual where they give away something they love, treasure, or find useful with a surrendered & joyful heart. It’s a sign that they are willing to share, sacrifice, & celebrate the power of WE. The animals believe sacrifice means “to make sacred” so that the act of giving allows their tribe to know no one will ever be abandoned, orphaned, or left without food, dwelling or help. The gift of sharing is an HONORED way to celebrate your tribe’s willingness to THRIVE and LIVE in A-BUN-DANCE together!
““I call you KING not as a term of endearment or a pet name but as a reminder. Signed, A QUEEN.”
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Never forget you are born extraordinary. As Mel Robbins says, “It is 1 in 4 Trillion chance you were ever even born.” So wear your homemade crown or easy store bought with pride!

Believe it! Say YES! Be the hero of your story & get your capes ready! 

The No Bad BUTtS Game

“To lead ‘But I can’t’ can never be spoken.”

Finally, play “The No Bad BUTs Game!” Baby Baboon learned after watching her friends to never say the oxymoron, “Yeah, but…” So she created The No Bad But Game to remind us to LIVE BIG by saying, “YES! I can!”


  • Know your bad “but” moods. Notice when the word “but” comes out of your mouth. You are usually ready to fight, flee, or freeze. To avoid these bad “but” moods, you can put on your crown, tutu, cape, headband, or anything grand & like Kudu decide “I can be the best me”!
  • The game is similar to SIMON SAYS, but you play with different key phrases. The leader, the person playing Simon, has the key phrase that players follow – YES! I can stand: YES! I can sit; YES! I can jump up and down; etc.”
  • The phrase that players DO not follow is- “Yeah, BUT I can’t stand; Yeah, BUT I can’t sit; etc.”
  • If anyone in the crowd follows the BUT, they’re out. You never follow, “Yeah, BUT I can’t,” phrase.
  • The last guy remaining, who listened and only followed the “Yes! I can,” phrases, wins the game.

Please share photos of your CROWN TO HONOR YOUR LIFE!

We’d love to see, build community, and celebrate the quest for our dreams together.

Share them on social media with a #GOBIG #LIVEBIG #CATCHM

or send them to us directly. Tell us your name, where your from, and if it is okay for us to share them with our community.

“Adjust your crown daily and live your best life together.”

—Susan Albers Kennedy

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